July 20, 2015

Hello World!

At the moment, I don’t have something I’m dying to write about. What I do have is the desire to do something regularly, to hold myself to that, and see if I get better at it. So while this blog should eventually contain mostly musings about code I’m working on, I’m going to bang out a first post now that rambles on a bit about myself. Just because.

Well, actually, that’s not quite right—there’s one other reason to post something rambly, even if I don’t have my thoughts fully in order. I’m using Beeminder to hold myself to my blogging pledge: I’ll have to post once a week in order to not lose money. Here’s a nifty chart showing how I’m doing so far:

Beeminder Graph

Some potential non-code topics to write about:

  • cooking/recipes
  • running
  • weightlifting
  • photography

But, mostly, it’ll be about code.

I have two main side projects right now.

Aria2 WebUI

One that I’ve put a fair amount of work into is a web interface for Aria2. I use OS X and Linux, and Aria is the best software I’ve found for downloading large files or torrents. But I wanted a non-CL interface. Of course, several web interfaces already exist for Aria, so the main goals are to a) have fun, b) get some experience with re-frame and reagent, c) gain some experience with front-end design, and only slightly d) end up with something usable, functional, and pretty.


Okay, the name needs a little work, but this is basically “Trello for Recipes.” Alternatively: “Epicurious/Allrecipes/etc. that doesn’t suck.”

What sucks about those sites? Exactly what’s great about Trello: a clean, simple interface. The functionality is decent: you can create and share recipes and create a shopping list from them. But it’s all so… clunky. I want to be able to look at a list of my favorite recipes (a pretty list! with pictures!), drag the ones I want to cook to upcoming dates, and view an always-up-to-date shopping list for everything I need to start cooking within some configurable number of days. When I am cooking something, I want “add the salt” to be automatically linked to the ingredient list entry for salt, so I can instantly check to see whether I’m adding 1/2 or 1/4 teaspoon.

So, I’ll keep you, dear nonexistent reader, apprised of my progress on those fronts. Thanks for not reading!

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